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Dear Friends,

I am running for re-election for Alderman-at-Large from Ward 5. All of Newton can vote in this election, and I ask for your vote on November 3.

I have both broad community and useful professional experience, plus a great deal of energy, commitment and an enthusiasm for problem solving that Newton needs to address the important and challenging issues facing our City.

My husband and I and our two children have reaped many advantages of Newton’s exceptional public schools, diversity and quality of life. I wish to work to help sustain and build upon these qualities and to pass on to you and future generations what we have been so fortunate to have for ourselves.  

As your alderman for nearly three terms now, I continue to serve on the Public Facilities Committee (Chair), as well as the Land Use and Real Property Reuse Committees. I came to the Board with 2 decades' experience doing community work and advocating for community preservation, environmental protection, more thoughtful city planning, and more open and accountable government in Newton. This, and my professional background as an architect, have prepared me to collaborate effectively in solving the problems facing our CIty. I wish to continue my work on the Board of Aldermen, to help develop policies that can lead Newton into a future that reflects our values as a culturally diverse community, and is environmentally wise and economically sustainable.

A new administration has begun to address the serious fiscal, environmental and social challenges we face. We now have a Capital Plan based on a thorough assessment of municipal buildings and infrastructure, and the 2013 passage of the override has been critically important to advancing this plan. However we need all hands on deck to assure this work is thoughtfully designed, well-managed and of a quality that will last for generations to come. In addition, we must not fail to invest in regular maintenance of our public buildings and grounds - at a time when most resources will be directed toward new work. I want to serve as your alderman to see that we address these challenges by being better caretakers of our city, living responsibly within our means and continuing to invest in our future. As leaders, we must manage a carefully prioritized capital plan that will serve present and future needs, undertake and continually evaluate facilities maintenance programs to take better care of our city, and make strategic investments that will strengthen our community and prepare for a quality of living that we want and are willing to sustain.

I am confident that my community work, leadership in public service and professional experience as an architect has demonstrated I can continue to make a meaningful contribution to such necessary work.

You can count on me to listen to your concerns, do my homework – and act with integrity to serve our community. I look forward to continued collaboration with the administration, Board of Aldermen and School Committee to tackle this work.

Please explore my website to get to know me a little better, contact me if you have a question, comment or want to share what you feel are the most important issues facing Newton.


Your VOTE this coming November 3 can keep me working for you!

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